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About This Game:

Centurica is a 3D Top Down Strategy Game made by Kingsbuild Entertainment for the Weekly Game Jam 100, for the theme '100'. 


  • You are given 100 moves & 100 seconds to progress through the map as many times as possible
  • Click-to-move based game
  • Freedom - You aren't limited to one path. Which ever path you want to take you can.
  • Reaction Time - You have to move fast or you will run out of moves.

Objective: The player has 100 seconds and 100 moves to complete the map as many times as possible by navigating on the tiles to the End Point. The End Point is randomly selected each time as one of the four corners of the map.

Complete the map as fast as possible and in as little moves as possible to allow for it to be completed numerous times to increase your high score.

Theme: 100

Platforms: Windows

Developers: Thomas O'Connell & Daniel Mayo of Kingsbuild Entertainment


Centurica 21 MB

Development log


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Interesting concept, I was wondering if anyone would try a puzzle type game for this game jam with a 10x10 grid. The grid was causing me to see that optical illusion where you see dots appear in between the lines.

The lighting on the bottom right square causes the orange squares to appear pretty close to yellow, might want to center the light.

Since there's a cap on how high of a score you can get, I don't think the high score is super necessary. Not sure what mechanic you could introduce to make things more interesting -- maybe the board could randomize every time except for the four corners?


Thanks for the advice! Will definitely use it. For the game jam, some of the people in the discord were aiming for a '100 minute' aim to complete a game. I also decided to join in on this and this was as far as I was able to get. Although I did want to use your advice and have decided I will go back and add in a feature to add +10 seconds and +10 moves every time you reach the end node. I will also fix the light issue. I will consider randomizing the board but not sure the best way to do that because removing some of the squares (might be just random ones and not a group) wouldn't be very significant and would mean it won't affect people much.

You could also possibly raise the moves more depending on the time it takes.

Kudos for making this in 100 minutes -- not sure I could do the same!